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marilyn will fight for property tax relief
Work to Repeal the 32% Income Tax Hike
Support Term Limits

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✓ Save Your Home

My number one priority is lowering and capping property taxes at 1% of home values. For a typical home worth $200,000 folks in Des Plaines pay $5,640 in property taxes every year.

With my plan you will save $3,640!

Under the failed leadership of career politicians like Marty Moylan, Illinois property tax rates have risen to the second highest in the country. Our current leaders have offered no reforms to handcuff local government spending while our property tax bills are driving us out of our homes.

States like blue California and red Indiana have 1% hard caps and still have functioning schools, roads, and fire and police departments.

I am running for state representative to save your home, while the political class is using your home as collateral for the state’s unfunded pension liabilities and out of control spending.

✓ Independent Leadership

Marty Moylan has taken $1 million dollars from Speaker Madigan. In return, Moylan votes for Madigan, opposes capping property taxes, and even leads cheers for speaker Madigan.

I am not taking money from Gov. Rauner, JB Pritzker, or Speaker Madigan so I can be independent of both. I am not beholden to politicians in either party and will be able to stand up to both parties.

I have pledged not to take money from Gov. Rauner, JB Pritzker, or Speaker Madigan so I can be independent of both. I am not beholden to politicians in either party and will be able to stand up to both parties.

✓ End The Toxic Culture Of Abuse

I am appalled at the inaction of Marty Moylan and the rest of the leadership in Springfield that left the Inspector General’s office vacant for three years while 27 complaints went unanswered.

Over 300 women signed a letter expressing sadness and frustration over the harassment and abuse they have endured while working at the statehouse. The political leadership in Illinois has bred a culture of toxicity and abuse with no accountability for the perpetrators.

Moylan has remained silent as women with credible allegations have come forward accusing some of Madigan’s closest allies and operatives of abuse. Moylan won’t stand up to Madigan because he has taken $1 million from Madigan.

The culture in Springfield will not change with Madigan in charge and representatives like Moylan who will not stand up to Madigan and who continue to receive hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions to prop up a failed system.

I have used my experience as a domestic abuse survivor to empower women to protect themselves and learn situational awareness. Women should be able to go to work everyday without fear of abuse or retribution for telling someone their story. I am running to stand up to the abuse in Springfield and to be a resource for women who have had no one to turn to.

✓ Repeal the 32% Income Tax Hike

In 2017, politicians passed the largest income tax hike in Illinois history at 32%. Taxpayers need relief. Middle class families can’t afford more of the same and deserve for this tax hike to be rolled back.

On top of that, lawmakers are already trying to take even more from us with a progressive income tax. I will fight against any new taxes.

I am running to put more money into your paycheck and less in the hands of greedy politicians who have proven themselves to be ineffective in managing the state’s budget.

✓ Put An End To Career Politicians

I’m not running for state representative to begin a new career. Too many politicians seem more interested in building a political career than serving you. I will push to enact term limits for all Illinois officeholders. Mike Madigan, who supports Marty Moylan, has served in leadership longer than any state or federal leader in United States history.

I am also refusing a taxpayer funded pension if elected. In order to seriously reform our bankrupt pension system, it starts with legislators refusing to participate in one of the most lucrative pension systems in the country.

Unfettered power and financial benefits have led to the devastation of Illinois’ economy. This is why we must enact term limits and eliminate pensions for state legislators.

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